Mark Reckless launches constituency-wide ballot on Airport proposal


Following the huge response from residents living on the Hoo Peninsula, Mark Reckless MP has launched his No Estuary Airport petition to the rest of the Rochester and Strood constituency after months of planning and campaigning.

Mark Reckless was joined by local residents, activists and councillors in Strood for the launch of his extended campaign on Sunday 14th July to help distribute thousands of ballot papers to local residents, inviting them to finally have their say on a possible airport in the Thames Estuary region.

Leading the team on Sunday, Mark Reckless said:

“The Mayor of London initially proposed building an airport on an artificial ‘Boris Island’ north of the Isle of Sheppey, which he was then forced to rule out. Now he’s saying he supports Lord Foster’s proposal to build an airport over the north-east of the Hoo Peninsula and reclaimed land beyond. Boris, like his pie in the sky airport fantasy, is all over the place.

Many of us remember the No Airport at Cliffe campaign and how the Hoo Peninsula came together ten years ago to defeat the then government’s plan for an airport at Cliffe. While there is no similar proposal from the government this time, the independent Davies Commission, which is looking into the issue of airport capacity in the South East and which recently accepted my invitation to tour the Hoo Peninsula, will be producing an interim report later this year and a final report in 2015.

I am now asking all residents in Rochester and Strood from Halling to High Halstow, Chatham to Cuxton to sign my petition and contact the Davies Commission to expose the weakness of the arguments for a Thames Estuary airport.”

Sign The Petition Online – Click Here or email Mark Reckless if you would like to help with the campaign.


5 responses to “Mark Reckless launches constituency-wide ballot on Airport proposal

  1. George Morley

    This project is definitely a no-no. Although I now live in Canada, I see no reason to build an airport at such a high cost especially as there must be more airfields in England than anywhere thanks to WWII that could be upgraded whether in use or not. The government is telling pensioners that they cannot afford this and that and so there is no sense in considering this. Coming from Kent I wish to conserve the beautiful countryside that I enjoyed as as a youth even though now retired in Canada.

  2. No Estuary airport, No hoo marshes airport. No isle of grain airport. that means no infrastructure improvements, desperately needed for the south east, no new road and rail crossings desperately needed, for the lower thames, linked with a purpose built airport. Not to rely on the over burdened Heathrow, where just one small fire a week ago, shut down the whole site, with days of disruption, is a case in point and is impossible to get to without difficulty. Vote for the doldrums. Vote no to any life changing betterment improvements and vote conservative, if you wish to carry on being the poor man of Europe, no hope, no ambition and no future. Shame.

    • George Morley

      The point is Barry luxton that there must be existing airfields that could be improved and extended rather than destroying the ever decreasing green areas that we have. What about Manston or Lympne or one in Essex or any other ex RAF airfield ? That must be a cheaper option. The government are saying that they cannot afford to pay me my already paid for indexed pension so forget this project.

      • thanks George at last someone agrees on expansion. The one airport that has loads of space around it and links, (apart from the m25 car park) is Gatwick. Four runway hub, no, never happen, too many nimbies. So that brings us back to boris island. No green fields to worry about, no one lives there. And the idea of new infrastructure linking north to south. while staying away from the m25 carpark, Why won’t that idea work? The conservatives are continually saying no no no. They are holding expansion back. As for your pension, the best thing to help that along is growth and that is not happening. The conservatives are now new labour, weak and ineffective, having lost the innovative ideal. To me that is a disappointment to say the least. .

  3. The BBC programme The Flying Archaeologist on Hoo Peninsula clearly outlined the historical, wildlife conservation of this area which was inspiring, this must be protected for future generations.
    The projected noise levels to which residents would be exposed to in the vicinity would warrant claims to be made by residents, drop in house values,and total destruction of any wildlife in the area- this has already been the case with high profile expansions of the railway industry.We say “NO”, no airport,no air disruption,no decimation of this beautiful site and surrounding areas. .

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