Proud of our Select Committee

We inquired into child sexual exploitation in Rotherham 18 months ago and were strongly critical of Rotherham Council and South Yorkshire Police, as we saw little evidence of their accepting and addressing their failings, unlike in Rochdale.

We were extremely unimpressed today with the past and present leadership of South Yorkshire Police and required them to give evidence under oath.

Martin Kimber, Rotherham’s Chief Executive became the latest in a long line of senior figures to resign just before a hearing with the Home Affairs Select Committee.

Unfortunately, however, Joyce Thacker, their head of Childrens’ Services, continues to fail to take responsibility for her failings. In my view these are perhaps the most egregious of anyone involved, except of course for the perpetrators themselves, but for now clings to her post, pay and pension.

Surely public service should be about more than that?

As a Committee though I am proud of what we have achieved in seeking to hold properly to account people who are meant to serve the public.


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