Immigration: We believe in quality, not quantity

The Conservatives have failed the people of Rochester and Strood on immigration. The coalition have broken their promise to bring net migration down to the ‘tens of thousands’ with the country now having to face an unsustainable level of net immigration of 225,000 each year. They are now exacerbating this important issue by ministers using inflammatory language to hide their incompetence.

Steven Woolfe, UKIP’s Migration Spokesman, and Mark Reckless, UKIP By-Election Candidate, have today condemned the Conservatives for lowering the tone of the debate.

Steven Woolfe said “politicians must be wary of the words they use when referring to the issue of migration. Failure to do so can cause friction in the local community. This can fuel far right fringe parties, who will try and capitalise on the derogatory language used by mainstream political parties”.

“Our ethical migration policy will not discriminate nor favour any particular nationality. We wish to introduce an Australian styled points based system here in Great Britain, so we can finally control the levels of migration entering the country. UKIP believe in quality, not quantity. To ensure this we will increase the UK Border Agency staff by 2,500, meaning a more practical, sensible and fair migration policy for the UK.”

Fully endorsing Steven Woolfe’s agenda-setting work on migration, Mark Reckless added:

“The rebalancing of our immigration policy that only exit from the EU makes possible will end the discrimination against Commonwealth countries, which unlimited immigration from within the European Union has caused. Only UKIP’s points system guarantees the equal and ethical treatment of Common wealth and all applicants, as well as the restoration of the proper controls of our borders British voters rightly expect and turn to UKIP to deliver.”


4 responses to “Immigration: We believe in quality, not quantity

  1. Patricia Harrild

    We must leave EU not doubt about it why should we be told what we can & can’t do by Brussels etc it’s about time we take back controll of our own country UKIP have my backing all the way & I sincerely hope we win good luck Mark. x

  2. I agree, the LIBLABCONS have in effect used the language of racists and should be ashamed of themselves for provoking violence towards those who seek to self govern and promote liberty and fairness for all.

  3. Robert Winstone Ukip member (390359)

    The reason for writing this Plea here at this moment of time to the Ukip Voter / public is because this said
    Election is not going to be a normal Proceedure by far its going too be a street house war invasion period
    so if you know a elderly person / or some one that is a little bit slow in their thoughts & thinking quick brain
    action in being brain washed at the door more so behind closed doors in being Bamboozled in Banter and
    misleading words of untruths leading too severe Confusion to a very vunerable person to gain a Vote here
    We have a few weeks yet too make those all aware of the sound possibility it will Happen period as said on
    live Tv on Q / Time on last thursday, as shown of the shocking behavior of Lab/ Lib / Cons with their said
    words put forward including their more than ready for Roch & Stro etc, and especially Mr O Patterson in showing his true colours by when a pensioner picked to put his Question to Con Mp being how can you
    vote in or out etc , he did not get chance too finish the full question and the CON Mp just snubbed him out
    and utterly refused to return the answer genuinely back just tried to adverse change, and still applied the old stale record of vote for us and we will offer the Referendum in 2017 just disregarding the mans Q’s etc.

    So if we are watching on Tv Live watching all Lab / Lib / Cons being select Professional MP’S in their Field
    Fighting each other like Wolves over a bone too gain points etc, So what will they do if Live Media is not around behind closed doors , out of sight out of mind , thankyou kindly. advice the Vunerable here please
    be a careing understanding friend.

  4. Graham McCracken

    The UKIP policy of controlled immigration is a sensible and practical policy for the UK. No other political party is prepared to address this pressing issue. Mark Reckless, Douglas Carswell, Nigel Farage, Diane James and others are prepared to stand up for what they believe is right for the UK, not just right for themselves. I applaud these people in their courage to effect positive change for the UK and will continue to vote for them.

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