Back to work

B3FTnSPIUAAGEWuI got straight back to work after my re-election as our MP last Friday morning. The result was announced at 4.20am and I was back in Parliament to be sworn in at 9.30am. This is thought to be a record for the quickest time.

The reason I went back so quickly was to support a Bill to protect our NHS. I spoke against further fragmentation and privatisation of the service. Very few government MPs bothered to attend but the opposition benches, on which I now sit, were full (pictured right) and there was strong support for the NHS.

So far this week I have been busy in Parliament every day.

zacOn Monday I supported Zac Goldsmith MP, who has been leading the campaign for Real Recall so that the public can ‘recall’ MPs who let them down, and insist on a by-election. Zac came over to consult us on our new UKIP bench (pictured left) but, unfortunately, those of us who believe in Real Recall were in a minority. The majority of MPs have decided a committee of MPs, and not voters, will decide if an MP may be recalled, which we see as an establishment stitch up.

On Tuesday the front page of the Daily Telegraph referred to one patient at Medway hospital A&E waiting 35 hours to be seen, while ten had waited more than 24 hours there in the past year. When I asked Jeremy Hunt, the Health Secretary, whether he could report any progress to improve the A&E, he responded by attacking me and UKIP.

On Wednesday I followed up again on Medway hospital and asked the Prime Minister whether he agreed with Dr Philip Barnes, the hospital’s Acting Chief Executive, that what our hospital needed was ‘a period of patience and stability’.

It was not completely clear from the Prime Minister’s response whether he agreed that was the priority, but he too ended up attacking me and UKIP instead of answering the question. UKIP’s policy on the NHS is to replace the current alphabet soup of regulators and competing bodies in the NHS with a single elected NHS health board for Kent and Medway.

You can also see from this short clip what MPs thought of our democratic decision to re-elect me as our representative. Even if they now fear for their own jobs because of UKIP, they should surely respect what voters decide.

On Thursday I listened to the debate on the historic child sex abuse inquiry which the government set up following pressure from the Home Affairs Select Committee, of which I have been a member. There was a good debate, again including Zac Goldsmith and also Simon Danczuk, MP for Rochdale, but sadly there were only a dozen MPs present.

Today I am holding my MP’s surgery. After that I am travelling to Skegness to join the Panel for this week’s edition of the BBC’s Any Questions. If you would like to hear our debate it will be on Radio 4 at 8pm tonight and again just after 1.10pm tomorrow.


11 responses to “Back to work

  1. Hello Mark,

    Every ninny weasel response he makes, every ninny weasel attack on UKIP to avoid the issue, every lie, every pretence that he’s more yellow and purple than UKIP, all gain votes for UKIP. Was this ninny weasel attack televised and can we get a copy of it? Why don’t you get clips of it from BBC and put them up on YT so he’ll get a lot of letters from angry UKIP people like me? WE know how to attack him, remember.

    Jack Rainbow


  2. You can be reassured Mark that we are all behind you – we are real stalwarts and will stand for no nonsense. David CaMoron is digging himself a grave and the rest of his cronies. Keep up the good work and don’t let them get you down. We will win in May 2015 again.

  3. Dear Mr Mark Reckless your patience is boundless, you are under attack in Parliament, sometimes from Labour Party (Mr Skinner), sometimes from Tory Party (Prime Minister), and they all booed and heckled you too during your first question as UKIP MP to PM. I doubt the credibility of those who don’t accept the democratic verdict of people of Rochester and Strood and misbehave you even in the parliament…..I salute your patience, your confidence, your courage, your stand and believe me you look like alone but we are with you……..we will never let you alone……….you are respecting and well behaving and i hope circle of UKIP will become greater and stronger in the days to come………crack on…..well done!!!!

  4. What a professional. Well done Mark you handled yourself very well considering the lack of respect you were given, When UKIP gain more MP the tide will turn. Now prove to everyone you can make a difference to Medway Hospital. This is where Britain is Great our NHS. UKIP needs to make it clear to all voters that the NHS will not be privatized, Other party’s will want to use this against UKIP a form of slander and this could cost UKIP a lot of votes in the future. I was impressed with yourself control and composure staying calm and in control, When the going gets tough, Well done Mark

  5. Thankyou Mark for your blog…there is a lot of disillusionment in the country and we need good people like yourself to keep UKIP going!!!

    Rattle their cages!!!

  6. Fiona Northampton North

    There are precious few good guys (& gals) in Westminster, fortunately UKIP have 2 very great ones. Thank you for your fortitude & your honest & genuine representation of the many concerns voters have regarding the present direction of this country. It is a total disgrace to witness the behaviour of our other ‘serving’ MPs; one wonders exactly who they think they are serving, apart from themselves & their political party’s self interests. Zac Goldsmith appears to be another good guy & should seriously consider joining UKIP.

  7. Well done Mark just wanted to say the Blog is excellent but also, as with previous comments to assure you you made the right decision. When you made the move to UKIP you joined a real family of people, who are fighting for a united Great Britain once more. With our support behind you you will never be alone, so don’t be put off by the childish behavior of those around you. The public are taking note & we will be voicing our opinions at the G.E. 2015, when I am sure we will WIN !!! We (UKIP) continue to grow rapidly going from strength to strength & we will see a political earth quake very soon. Good on you stay strong…..#voteukip

  8. Not a UKIP supporter

    Please be mindful of the fact that you DO NOT represent the electorate of Rochester & Strood. For all that your supporters can argue that you won fair & square in a democratic election, I would point out that only 24% of the electorate voted for you. If you want to keep your seat in Parliament, be sure that you act on local issues and not trumped up national issues.

    • Half-wit.

    • He has raised a couple of local issues already, the Medway Hospital and also the gypsies using the car park in Strood…don’t be quick to judge….P.S. 24% was enough to give Mark a win and let’s be honest, it would have been nearer 30+% had CaMoron not gained some votes from Labour supporters! Not a fair playing field out there for UKIP, but we’re grounded and full of energy.

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