MP calls for urgent action on illegal traveller site in Strood

WP_20141201_007Mark Reckless MP has called on Medway Council to take urgent action to evict a group of travellers who have set up camp at Commercial Road car park in Strood.

Writing to Cllr Peter Hicks, the portfolio holder for community safety, Mark Reckless stressed the need for action to be taken as swiftly as possible to move on the group who caused disruption to stallholders at Saturday’s Strood Market which operates on the car park site.

Mark Reckless said:

“This camp has caused considerable disruption not just to local residents, but to hard-pressed traders who use Strood Market. The camp has now been in place for five days and there was no sign of council activity when I visited the site this morning to see what action was being taken to move these people on.

It is completely unacceptable that so many local people and businesses are being inconvenienced by a small group of travellers who have camped illegally. Medway Council has had more than enough time to deal with this and the suggestion that the market should have closed on Saturday was completely unacceptable.

I am calling on the portfolio holder to get a grip on this and evict these travellers as soon as possible.”


11 responses to “MP calls for urgent action on illegal traveller site in Strood

  1. Nice one!

    Can we hope that you will be equally pro-active in respect of the highly dangerous Sanspareil roundabout?
    The council have known about the problem for many years but nothing ever gets done
    There’s votes in it for you!!

    • I see today action on the Sans Pareil roundabout……a team of men, a lorry & trailer to pressure wash the chevron markings…..coned off and traffic back to Strood!

      • Might take just a little more than that to make it safe for people living on the estate behind the pub to drive onto the roundabout…. it is a death-trap!

  2. This Medway council are as bad as the govement, they will not listern to us ,I reported a fly tipping to them four weeks ago,and hay it is still there? They just are not botherd.

    • It is a shame that you have chosen to make this allegation without making clear where the fly tip that you have reported is located. The Council do have an Environmental Enforcement Team dealing with fly tipping incidents. It is a hard pressed team dealing with an ever increasing workload and with ever diminishing resources. However, if the fly tip occurred on private land then the Council will not clear it unless the fly tip contains dangerous items such as asbestos, and only then if the owner of the affected land cannot be traced and if the items present a clear and present danger to public health. The Council will pursue land owners to clear fly tipped materials from their land but if the land owner fails to voluntarily comply then formal notices have to be served and these can take a considerable time to bite if appeals are lodged by the owners. The Council is responsible for clearing fly tipped materials from public land. Private land is the responsibility of the owner/s to maintain and secure. So, next time, when you make allegations like this in a public forum, please provide the detail necessary to show that the Council is actually at fault. Having worked for Medway Council myself, I know from personal experience that they do their very best to keep on top of fly tipping incidents and to prosecute those responsible whenever possible. This is made all the more difficult by this Government’s negative stance with regards to Local Authorities using CCTV to help catch the scum that engage in this extremely anti social behaviour.

      Mike Pinchen – Retired Environmental Enforcement Officer.

      • Hi Mike. I do undrstand your valid comments, but on this instance the council have been to say the least very slow to react.They were even given the grid REV, and the rubish is on a public road and still the rubbish is there five weeks later despite three land line calls from differant members of the public? I rest my case,
        Regards Trev.

    • Report it to mark reckless. I’m sure he would be happy to bring this up with the council

      • Thanks Steve.
        I think you are correct in your stament,I think that will be my next move as the council are not concerned at all. I will have a word with Mark Reckles as I know he will do something about it.
        Regards Trev.

  3. If a vehicle is illegally parked it can be taken away to a pound and it will cost the owner £100.00 or more to get it back. The same should happen to illegally parked “Travellers” caravans and vehicles.

    • I’m not denying that this would be a REALLY good idea as it would serve as a great deterant against others that may commit the same offence elsewhere but unfortunately, the way things stand at the moment, with government after government not having the…. what is required to confront these & other problems, the rights of the offenders will always trump those who are the victims of their offences. In my case I would happily see them first wheelclamped then charged not only for release but also for every day they remain insitu while deciding whether or not to move on, not allowing them to go without paying these fines, giving a discount for early payment of course, just to be fair. If they didn’t pay up them fine, go in with council ballifs or contracted ones plus either/or/and police to enforce them taking any properties, cash etc that would clear outstanding sums when sold at auction, requiring far more to be removed than what would be considered “face value” from the offenders. Yes there would be a disturbance but then it would be down to the travellers who could then face further actions, fines, jail time etc, etc, etc.

      Unfortunately, as I said earlier, this kind of positive enforcement would require those in authority to have “what was required” to do so & I for one can’t see any of those presently in power possesing those “appendages”. Just one of the reasons that I will be voting UKIP next time around, to give a new element the chance to drag this country out of the mire but that being said, I will be watching to see if promises are kept or at least attempts made. If those attempts are blocked by others, then we will just have to vote more UKIP members into the house but if the promises are forgotten them we the voters will just have to look for someone else.

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