MP raises concerns over Strood retail park proposal

Commercial Road Image courtesy of Google Maps

Image courtesy of Google Maps

Mark Reckless has lodged an objection to proposals to remove the slip road onto Strood retail park as part of plans to demolish and replace the current B&Q site.

The proposals which are being considered by Medway Council’s planning department would see the current B&Q site, known formally as Unit C, demolished to make way for three smaller units which would extend out closer to the existing highway and over the current slip road.

Strood town centre is already one of the most heavily congested areas in the whole of Medway. Mark Reckless is concerned that removing the current slip road on Commercial Road and forcing all traffic to access the retail park via Knights Road will only serve to increase traffic congestion in and around Strood. Mark has formally lodged an objection to the planning application.

Speaking of his concerns, Mark Reckless said:

“Commercial Road is already a well known pinch point for traffic in and around Strood. I am very concerned about the potential for increased congestion in this part of Medway which the removal of the current slip road onto the retail park will most likely create.

We need a long term vision to tackle the traffic problems affecting Strood. These impact negatively on residents and businesses in the area alike. I cannot support the Strood retail park proposals as they currently stand and I urge all local residents to join me in objecting to the plans. We want to help get Strood moving in the right direction, not risk making congestion worse.”

To register your objection to the proposals, email quoting MC/14/3317 in the subject field.


4 responses to “MP raises concerns over Strood retail park proposal

  1. If you want to continue to help Strood, and I really would like it if you do, you could consider removing the parking charges on the local council car park. They are a reason not to go to Strood to browse the charity shops and sports direct and instead go online.

  2. Objection sent – thank you for bringing this to our attention.


    Paula Robb

  3. I agree with you Mark, what on earth are the council thinking by sugesting removing that slip road it would cause even more conjestion.

  4. I agree with “Trev” I hope Medway Council listens to the people that elected them !! Strood does not need any more congestion.

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