UKIP Manifesto 2015

Speaking on Channel 4 News, Mark Reckless highlights the “extraordinarily impressive” national manifesto launched today.

Click Here to view UKIP’s manifesto for Britain



4 responses to “UKIP Manifesto 2015

  1. Haha…I see Channel 4 is using even-handed interviewing techniques again…even got booed by UKIP’s black candidates!

  2. Hooray!! A party that values unpaid Carers.

  3. I love Jon Snow’s reaction; “You’re not saying what I want you to say, Mr Reckless, Mr Reckless (damn the delay…).”

    You’re a legend Mark!

    • channel 4 & the bbc are doing all they can to discredit ukip why because they get millions from the EU to promote the EU , thanks to utube facebook & twitter the truth is now getting out. the people of the UK are not fools they will make their minds up despite the bias eubbc & flanel 4.

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