VIDEO: Protecting our Hoo Peninsula

In this short video, Mark Reckless, UKIP’s Parliamentary candidate for Rochester and Strood, talks about his commitment to protecting our beautiful Hoo Peninsula, a place very close to his heart and to the hearts and minds of those who live in the area.

Mark led our campaign to defeat Boris and his proposed estuary airport. Now that David Cameron has said he plans to stand down with Boris likely to take over, the Hoo peninsula is not safe with the Conservatives. Mark has also forced a Public Inquiry into their plans to build 5,000 houses in a bird sanctuary at Lodge Hill. Every Conservative on the Planning Committee, including from Rochester and Strood, voted for that at Lodge Hill. The Council’s cabinet, in which Mark’s Conservative opponent sits, is now spending your money on lawyers to defend its Lodge Hill plan.

On 7th May, vote for Mark Reckless as the only candidate with a track record of defending and protecting our Hoo Peninsula.


3 responses to “VIDEO: Protecting our Hoo Peninsula

  1. well done mark keep your work up and keep fighting we all behind you

  2. not in my back yard. Yet ukip have proclaimed that they are the party to kick start the housing industry. M p Reckless’s old colleagues had no problem in building thousands of homes in the heart of Rochester extending our twice daily rush hours of standing traffic. Why has he turned a leaf and doesn’t even want to see houses built on land that was designated for………….house building right on top of a main arterial road that takes the owners directly up to the capital if they so wish without queuing to get out of the towns. Hear about the brilliant news for rolls Royce today with a huge order from the far east for plane engines. All we need now is a purpose made multi runway airport to send and receive people and goods into a country that already has great infrastructure that puts the u k into shame, What are ukip offering, don’t build on in our back yard. Pathetic.

  3. Mark Reckless, like Kelly Tollhurst incidentally, keeps claiming all the credit for stopping the construction at Boris Island and on the Ward owned land. They are not the only people involved, with a mass of the population active against these and the Lodge Hill developments along with the big NGOs. Typifies why politicians lack credibility.
    PS If any building is done, airports, housing or what, let’s hope it’s all in Barry Luxton’s backyard.

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