VIDEO: BBC Sunday Politics South East

UKIP’s Mark Reckless speaks to BBC’s Sunday Politics South East show following his general election defeat in Rochester and Strood.


14 responses to “VIDEO: BBC Sunday Politics South East

  1. That was refreshing to watch. Gives me faith back in politics a bit.

  2. 4 million people belive in ukip and there would have been many more if the snp hadn’t have been plotting with labour

  3. shame Mark is a lodge hill and estuary nimby and had no positives what so ever for capital investment or much needed infrastructure innovations. You didn’t get my family or my vote mark because you didn’t like these questions being put on your face book page, so you removed me from your page, and that’s not what I call communication at it’s best.

    • Diddums, Barry. At least we know that the developers can obliterate your back yard.

      • ha ha ha diane, living where I do, we used to have the Rochester greyhound stadium at the rear of us, that was closed and the usual square boxes where installed. When that was completed, the developers attempted to buy six of our ‘back yards to put more of the square boxes up. now me being a cantankerous, now old g!t, refused to sell for a pittance, as am in the middle of the six that was the end of that, so the developers where stopped putting a few more up in our back yards. Enjoy your sunday cornflakes, ducks.

  4. Barry, Your not one of these guys wanting to build all those houses on the bird sanctuary are you? “much need infrastructure=destruction of remaining countryside.. In terms of NHS ect Mark has been amazing.So impressed with the constant hard work he put into his job to help the area. Re-kindled my faith in politicians.

    • the ground was already designated for housing before the bird guys did what they did and the developers made allowances to move the 50 pair of birds. remaining countryside did you say, gumff, less than 10% of the u k is built on including roads and houses, where you aware of that one. And the area isn’t the countryside btw.Ohhh, the local nhs, that wants and needs the private sector in for an opinion, no amount of 13 million of tax payers money spent is going to fix something that is terminal just like my missus best mate, the nhs missed that one, 3 times she was miss diagnosed. two young kids she had.

  5. I am very surprised how little people understand about the EU after all this time. If they knew then anybody running on an anti-EU platform would win every time. The lack of real democracy is astounding. Maybe we should focus on the fact the European council does not legally have to take the advice of the “elected” EU parliament. Make people understand what it actually means when 75 to 80 % (and growing) of our laws are made by these people. With out freedom to run our country we n o longer have democracy. FIGHT ON!

  6. Dawn RIchardson

    If you as a British person want to be part of a Federal state of Europe then vote for another party other than UKIP.. I voted UKIP as an English/British I don’t want to be labelled European.. EU was meant only for Trade.

  7. Many of my friends and colleagues voted for you, particularly for your anti-EU membership/controlled immigration stance and many others who had confirmed that they would, ‘chickened out’ at the last knockings, under pressure from the Tories fear tactics of a Labour/SNP coalition.
    However, even so I’m at a loss to understand why you were not re-elected. Unlike the woman chosen, from what I have observed, you and your team waged a professional and concerted campaign.
    Let’s hope that there’s a by-election soon.
    Good luck for the future.

    • Very right i cannot understand what made people vote against Reckless…It looks it was pre planned…every where before election media esp BBC endorsed UKIP will gain one seat …..its too much..!!!!

      • I didn’t like being ignored and blocked on facebook by reckless, that’s why I didn’t support the nimby. don’t want has2 don’t want house building and certainly don’t want a massive boost to the south east with new road and rail links and a purpose made multi hub airport that other e u countries already have. That’s good enough reason for me not supporting the continued doldrums, get with it NOOR, think positive.

  8. Like in many other democracies across the world these elections have reflected that the results of the election is what the establishment wants. Scottish Referendum is a prominent example where SNP was made to lose by 10%, same happened here & results have been cooked….These sorts of democracies are not serving people…these are self serving.

  9. I am not surprised after winning the bi election so convincingly that the seat was lost. I voted in the bi-election and then bizarrely was not on the electoral role for the General Election. I rang up Medway Council on the day who said I had not been on the electoral role for 2 years!!! At the Polling station the guy sitting outside collecting data said I was the fifth person in half an hour who had reported this situation. I smell a rat!

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