VIDEO: Daily Politics 8th June 2015

Mark Reckless, UKIP, joins David Campbell Bannerman MEP on the BBC’s Daily Politics to discuss the forthcoming EU Referendum


4 responses to “VIDEO: Daily Politics 8th June 2015

  1. Tim kiff-munds

    Well done Mark got the point across very well despite the interruptions.

  2. George Morley

    It would seem that the Prime Minister David Cameron needs to use blackmail to get the UK to remain in the EU. That in itself says a lot. He is not fit for office with that attitude and denies the freedom that he so often says he is defending. We live in a free country and all citizens should be free to vote and vote without restriction or penalty. This high handed attitude has no place in a democratic society. He’s another Putin.

    • @George Morley, you’re correct in what you say except for one thing, he’s no Putin, Putin stands up for and puts his people first!

  3. Well done Mr Reckless, nice to see you back in the throw of things.

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