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Mark Reckless appointed UKIP economics spokesman


UKIP has today completed a mini reshuffle, with Mark Reckless being confirmed as the Party’s Economic Spokesman.

The former MP was a City Economist, and his past publications include ‘The Euro: Bad for Business’, ‘The Drivers of Regulation’ and Euromoney ‘Guide to the London financial markets’.

Mr Reckless said, “I am delighted to take up the economics role for the party. It is an exciting time with the European referendum now firmly on the horizon. One of the most important roles in that campaign will be to show to the British public the economic opportunities and advantages for British business and the wider economy when we leave the European Union.”

UKIP Leader Nigel Farage said, “This brings real world experience into our top team. Mark is an expert in his field and will be able to explain how the UK economy will benefit from EU exit.

“His appointment shows how the UKIP story has many more chapters to run”.

Marks priorities in his new role are set out below.

As UKIP’s economy spokesman I will make the non-socialist economic case against this Conservative government and put forward a better alternative.

Today’s employment data show the jobs market has been up and down in the past few months. But for the past five years there has been one major and consistent trend. The number of hours worked in the UK economy has greatly increased, but the output for each hour worked has barely changed.

It is that stagnant productivity that needs to change. Productivity growth of over 2% per year used to be the norm, but under Cameron and Osborne it has been near zero.

The non-socialist economic case I will be making against the government is that Britain needs three big changes:

  1. Deregulation. Not ‘better regulation’ or bureaucratic tweaks to add yet more complexity, but lifting the heavy and cumulative burden the state puts on business and enterprise. Taxes should also be simpler as well as lower. To set enterprise free we need to leave the European Union. We also need a government that backs markets, competition and enterprise, not big business corporatism.
  2. Banking and capital markets that work. Eight years after interbank markets froze in August 2007 we still haven’t dealt with the problems. Interest rates still at 0.5% and a quarter of government debt is owned by the government itself through the Bank of England. This means savers are not rewarded and capital fails to flow to more productive firms. Hence productivity still stagnates.
  3. Control immigration: an economic issue. An unlimited supply of cheap labour from overseas weighs on productivity. We need instead to train and invest in our own workforce to improve skills and productivity and hence wages. We also have to deal with our current deficit, at 6% the joint highest in the OECD. This means tackling not only our trade performance, but an investment balance skewed by printing too much money, and runaway ‘transfer’ payments e.g. overseas aid, EU contributions and migrant worker remittances.

UKIP Manifesto 2015

Speaking on Channel 4 News, Mark Reckless highlights the “extraordinarily impressive” national manifesto launched today.

Click Here to view UKIP’s manifesto for Britain


Best small shops competition 2015

WP_20140730_003Mark Reckless MP is calling for small shops in Rochester and Strood to enter the All Party Parliamentary Small Shops Best Small Shops Competition.

Mark Reckless said:

“We’re extremely fortunate to have a large number of fantastic and varied small shops in the Rochester and Strood constituency. This is a great opportunity for small shops in my constituency, from Halling to Grain and from Strood to Chatham, to get recognition for the brilliant work which they do supporting our community and creating jobs all year round.”

Small shops can submit their application to the competition via www.bestsmallshops.uk setting out in no more than 500 words why they are the best small shops including; innovation in your business, community engagement and entrepreneurial activity.

All shortlisted candidates will be invited to a Parliamentary Reception where the winner will be announced on the 25th February 2014.

MP calls for urgent action on illegal traveller site in Strood

WP_20141201_007Mark Reckless MP has called on Medway Council to take urgent action to evict a group of travellers who have set up camp at Commercial Road car park in Strood.

Writing to Cllr Peter Hicks, the portfolio holder for community safety, Mark Reckless stressed the need for action to be taken as swiftly as possible to move on the group who caused disruption to stallholders at Saturday’s Strood Market which operates on the car park site.

Mark Reckless said:

“This camp has caused considerable disruption not just to local residents, but to hard-pressed traders who use Strood Market. The camp has now been in place for five days and there was no sign of council activity when I visited the site this morning to see what action was being taken to move these people on.

It is completely unacceptable that so many local people and businesses are being inconvenienced by a small group of travellers who have camped illegally. Medway Council has had more than enough time to deal with this and the suggestion that the market should have closed on Saturday was completely unacceptable.

I am calling on the portfolio holder to get a grip on this and evict these travellers as soon as possible.”

Mark Reckless MP officially opens modern new look Strood Post Office

Strood Post Office re-opening, North Street, Strood. L-R John Elliott, Charanjit Kaur, Hardev Singh, sub postmaster Bierinder Singh Powar, MP Mark Reckless, Cllr Chris Irvine and Martine from the Post Office.

Strood Post Office re-opening, North Street, Strood. L-R John Elliott, Charanjit Kaur, Hardev Singh, sub postmaster Bierinder Singh Powar, MP Mark Reckless, Cllr Chris Irvine and Martine from the Post Office.

To celebrate the refurbishment of Strood Post Office, Mark Reckless, MP for Strood, officially opened the modernised main-style branch on Friday 29 August.

As part of Post Office plans to modernise the network and extend opening hours, Strood Post Office, 13-17 High Street, Strood, ME2 4SL now opens an extra five hours a week including Saturday afternoon. The new opening hours are Monday: 8:30am to 5:30pm; Tuesday to Saturday: 8:30am to 5:30pm.

The service is be provided from five counters, including two open-plan positions, two modern screened positions and a combi-counter, where the Post Office terminal will sit alongside the shop’s retail till.

Mark Reckless MP, said:

“The branch looks great – really modern. The extra Saturday afternoon opening makes it far more convenient for customers to visit. I am delighted to be here today to congratulate postmaster Bierinder Singh-Powar on his vital community role and the improvements made to his branch.”

STROOD POST OFFICE scissors 014Mr Singh-Powar, who has been postmaster since December 2010, said:

“All the customers are coming in and commenting upon how “posh” the store is. That’s the word everyone is using. The branch is light, bright, clean and modern. The open plan counters are great – far more personal. It is far easier to see customers and to have conversations without the need to shout. We also now have customer call forward system so that customers know which serving position to go to.”

Martine Munby, Post Office Senior Stakeholder Manager, said:

“We understand how important Post Office services are to the people of Strood and we are confident this new modern Post Office service will meet the needs of the local community and secure services for the future. This modernisation is part of a major investment programme, the largest in the history of the Post Office and marks a commitment to no more branch closure programmes.”

Supporting Enterprise

Mark Reckless (centre) with Cllr Rupert Turpin and Stephan Williamson

Mark Reckless (centre) with Cllr Rupert Turpin and Stephan Williamson

Mark Reckless was recently delighted to meet Mr Stephan Williamson and inspect the small furniture items he was making from reconditioned packing pallets.

Pallets used for transporting heavy goods would otherwise be thrown away, so it is fantastic to see Stephan recycling them to make valuable items, a living for himself, and a new business in the Medway Towns.

Stephan Williamson is receiving support from the enterprise allowance scheme. This provides someone who might otherwise be unemployed with an allowance of £65pw for 13 weeks followed by a reduced allowance of £33pw for a further 7 weeks. This allows the recipient to start up a business and receive support through the early stages before they begin making money.

Mark said:

“I was impressed with the quality of what Stephan is making, his relatively low prices of £20-60, and the environmental sustainability of his business. I may be commissioning him to make something for my own household. I would encourage others to get in touch to see what he might offer them on 07843165587.”

Click here for Stephan’s Facebook page

An inspired Budget for Rochester and Strood

200241_10150165354751068_5938208_nMark Reckless, MP for Rochester and Strood, has welcomed the budget unveiled by the Chancellor of the Exchequer yesterday.

In response to the 2014 budget, Mark said:

“This is an inspired budget extending choice and freedom for savers and pensioners to the benefit of all. Labour say that people cannot be trusted to look after their own money. Conservatives believe that people are better than government at deciding what it best for them and their family. 

That is why we are liberating pension funds and ISAs so that the people who paid into them decide how best to use them, whether City vested interests like it or not. We can do this because the state single tier state pension starting from 2016 will provide most in the future with an assured income above the level for means tested benefits.

I welcome the increase in the tax-free personal allowance to £10,500 which will take more out of tax entirely while also benefitting those on middle incomes. 

Our campaign to treat bingo players fairly paid off, while Kent Air Ambulance and potentially Rochester Cathedral are also deserving beneficiaries of the budget.”

Our goal is to build a more secure future for Britain’s families, and this budget takes us another step towards it.

  • Next year, you will pay no income tax at all on the first £10,500 of your salary. This will be a tax cut for 25.4 million people across the country – making you and your family more financially secure.
  • We’re helping 1.5 million savers by abolishing the 10p starting rate on income from savings, and allowing them tax-free savings income of up to £5,000. This will mean a more secure future for savers and their families.
  • We are helping you save for a home, for retirement or for your family’s future. We are reforming cash ISAs and stocks & shares ISAs into a single New ISA so that you can choose to save as you want, and we are raising the annual limit to £15,000.
  • We are supporting parents in work by increasing the Tax Free Childcare cap to £10,000 – meaning you could get up to £2,000 for childcare costs every year for each child.
  • We are helping you save for your children’s future, by increasing the amount of money that can be put into children’s saving schemes.
  • We’re helping to ensure you enjoy security and peace of mind in retirement, with the most far-reaching reform to the defined contribution pension tax system since 1921 – including removing all remaining tax restrictions on how pensioners access their defined contribution pension pots (from April 2015).
  • No longer will anyone be forced to buy an annuity, there will be no punitive 55% tax rate if you take more than your tax-free lump sum and we will ensure that everyone who retires on defined contribution pensions will be offered free, impartial, face-to-face advice on how to get the most from their options.
  • We are setting up a new £200 million pothole fund to help commuters and local businesses. Your council can bid for money to mend the potholes in local roads.
  • We’ve taken another penny off your pint by cutting beer duty by 1p.
  • We’re reducing the deficit, so we deal with our debts, safeguard our economy for the long term and keep mortgage rates low.
  • Backing business to export more, invest more, and manufacture more so that Britain is a country that can pay its way in the world.
  • By backing business and enterprise with better infrastructure and lower taxes, we’re helping them to create more jobs – and giving more people the security of a pay packet each month.
  • We’re capping welfare so our economy delivers for hardworking people who want to play by the rules.
  • We’re freezing fuel duty to help hardworking people and businesses.

This all means you and your family are more economically secure and can look forward to a brighter future with peace of mind.