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Mark Reckless appointed UKIP economics spokesman


UKIP has today completed a mini reshuffle, with Mark Reckless being confirmed as the Party’s Economic Spokesman.

The former MP was a City Economist, and his past publications include ‘The Euro: Bad for Business’, ‘The Drivers of Regulation’ and Euromoney ‘Guide to the London financial markets’.

Mr Reckless said, “I am delighted to take up the economics role for the party. It is an exciting time with the European referendum now firmly on the horizon. One of the most important roles in that campaign will be to show to the British public the economic opportunities and advantages for British business and the wider economy when we leave the European Union.”

UKIP Leader Nigel Farage said, “This brings real world experience into our top team. Mark is an expert in his field and will be able to explain how the UK economy will benefit from EU exit.

“His appointment shows how the UKIP story has many more chapters to run”.

Marks priorities in his new role are set out below.

As UKIP’s economy spokesman I will make the non-socialist economic case against this Conservative government and put forward a better alternative.

Today’s employment data show the jobs market has been up and down in the past few months. But for the past five years there has been one major and consistent trend. The number of hours worked in the UK economy has greatly increased, but the output for each hour worked has barely changed.

It is that stagnant productivity that needs to change. Productivity growth of over 2% per year used to be the norm, but under Cameron and Osborne it has been near zero.

The non-socialist economic case I will be making against the government is that Britain needs three big changes:

  1. Deregulation. Not ‘better regulation’ or bureaucratic tweaks to add yet more complexity, but lifting the heavy and cumulative burden the state puts on business and enterprise. Taxes should also be simpler as well as lower. To set enterprise free we need to leave the European Union. We also need a government that backs markets, competition and enterprise, not big business corporatism.
  2. Banking and capital markets that work. Eight years after interbank markets froze in August 2007 we still haven’t dealt with the problems. Interest rates still at 0.5% and a quarter of government debt is owned by the government itself through the Bank of England. This means savers are not rewarded and capital fails to flow to more productive firms. Hence productivity still stagnates.
  3. Control immigration: an economic issue. An unlimited supply of cheap labour from overseas weighs on productivity. We need instead to train and invest in our own workforce to improve skills and productivity and hence wages. We also have to deal with our current deficit, at 6% the joint highest in the OECD. This means tackling not only our trade performance, but an investment balance skewed by printing too much money, and runaway ‘transfer’ payments e.g. overseas aid, EU contributions and migrant worker remittances.

VIDEO: Sunday Politics South East 14th June 2015

Mark Reckless, UKIP’s Director of Policy, joins Julia George on BBC’s Sunday Politics South East to discuss the forthcoming EU Referendum and why Britain is better off trading with Europe, but governing ourselves.

VIDEO: Daily Politics 8th June 2015

Mark Reckless, UKIP, joins David Campbell Bannerman MEP on the BBC’s Daily Politics to discuss the forthcoming EU Referendum

UKIP Manifesto 2015

Speaking on Channel 4 News, Mark Reckless highlights the “extraordinarily impressive” national manifesto launched today.

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VIDEO: BBC Sunday Politics South East 1st March 2015

Mark Reckless joins guests on today’s BBC Sunday Politics South East to discuss the latest immigration figures impacting on our local services, the UKIP surge in South Thanet and Kent, and the work which he and UKIP is doing to support our NHS here in Medway and nationally.

Immigration is up to 624,000: 2.5x Medway’s population


624,000 people came to the UK as immigrants in the year up to September 2014 we learnt on Thursday. That is two and a half times the population of the Medway Towns.

Even after subtracting the number of people who left the country in the same year, net immigration to Britain was about 300,000 people. That is as many as live in Medway and Gravesend put together.
Overseas national took up 768,000 National Insurance numbers last year and 43% of new jobs in the UK went to people coming from the EU.

Do you remember the Conservatives promising to cut net immigration to just tens of thousands?
We were told it was a “No ifs, no buts” promise and David Cameron said “kick us out in five years if we don’t deliver”.

They haven’t delivered and the election is in two months time.

Net immigration is three times what David Cameron promised, and he is now letting even more people into the country than Labour did.

I was asked onto BBC Question Time this week to debate the latest immigration figures with Conservative Chairman, Grant Shapps. You can see on the link below that he did not have any answers to my points:

Like Labour, the Conservatives support freedom of movement in the European Union, so almost anyone who wants from 27 EU countries, some much poorer than us, can come here at will.

How will our young people get a decent wage, or the chance to move up the career ladder, if employers can always instead just import labour from Eastern and Southern Europe?

Only UKIP will restrict immigration from the European Union.

UKIP will introduce an Australian-style Points Based System for Immigration. That means we will welcome highly skilled and qualified people up to an annual limit determined by Parliament.

Only UKIP has a non-discriminatory immigration policy. We will apply the same rules to people coming from Europe as to people from outside.

This will mean we can be fair to people from a Commonwealth background, instead of giving preference to Europeans, and cut total immigration to a level with which our country can cope.

Only UKIP MPs in Parliament will make David Cameron and the other parties act on immigration.

VIDEO: BBC Question Time

Mark Reckless, UKIP MP for Rochester and Strood, tackles the issues of immigration, ISIS and MPs’ second jobs on BBC’s Question Time programme, hosted by David Dimbleby