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UKIP Manifesto 2015

Speaking on Channel 4 News, Mark Reckless highlights the “extraordinarily impressive” national manifesto launched today.

Click Here to view UKIP’s manifesto for Britain



Rochester train station speeding towards completion

Earlier today I was the guest of Network Rail at Rochester’s fast-emerging new station. I am grateful to Sara, Mary and site manager Tony for showing me around this amazing project as it speeds towards completion.

WP_20150414_051All is on schedule for the station’s completion and the introduction of a new timetable by 16th December. This should include two extra 12 car trains per hour during the morning peak with more trains stopping then at Rochester, the fruition of a long-term campaign for me.

Crucially, it was confirmed to me today, that there will be continuing scope for reduction in journey times to London after December.

Some trains may be a minute or two faster from December. However, greater time reductions should be in prospect thereafter, with line speeds potentially being increased as the safety and reliability of the new signalling system is proven.

Trains running 3-4 minutes faster to London would be great for Rochester, the wider Medway Towns, and all the way down the line to Ramsgate.

Got one of these?


I believe in Britain. We are a great country. Britons have always been amongst the most innovative and creative people on earth. Britain has led the way because Britons have been free. Those with power were held to account with government answering to the people.

Tragically this has begun to change. Power over Britain too often is wielded by people we cannot call to account. The established parties offer more of the same as they protect vested interests and business as usual. Only UKIP offers you real change.

I only stood for Parliament because I want to change how politics works. You are my boss. When I knew I had to change party to get us real change, I knew I had to ask your permission in a by-election.

I put the Rochester and Strood constituency at the centre of national debate. I helped secure over £13 million to rebuild our A&E at Medway hospital. I forced a Public Inquiry into the Conservative decision to approve building 5,000 houses in a bird sanctuary at Lodge Hill.

By re-electing me as your MP you can ensure that government has to listen to us, take action on immigration, and invest more in our local NHS.

I have helped over 8,000 people since I was elected as our MP. I will always be a local champion, putting the needs of our area first.

Please let me know if you would like to help with my campaign, particularly if you could spare even an hour or two on election day, by emailing mark@markreckless.com or completing the online form here.

If you would simply like to pledge your support for my campaign and UKIP with no commitment then please click here.

Warm regards,



REVEALED: Vote Tory, Get Boris

Boris Graphic

Only Mark Reckless can stop Boris Johnson destroying our Hoo Peninsula.

Mark led the campaign against Boris Island, and won!

If, as expected, Boris is soon Tory leader a Tory MP here would be whipped to back his airport.

Mark Reckless has a track record of beating Boris.

Nigel Farage has agreed with Mark that UKIP will block Boris as PM unless he drops his airport plan.

On 7th May, vote UKIP to save our Peninsula.

Sign Here To Say No To Boris and his Bonkers Airport!

Mark Reckless welcomes Hoo housing rejection

IMG_5979_edited-1Mark Reckless, UKIP Parliamentary candidate for Rochester and Strood, has welcomed the decision to refuse planning permission to build 475 houses on the land west of Hoo.

Mark Reckless and UKIP’s Cllr Chris Irvine joined local residents in objecting to Taylor Wimpey’s plans to concrete over the significant greenfield site following Tory Medway Council’s complete failure to develop a coherent local plan. UKIP’s Cllr for Strood Rural, Peter Rodberg, who is on the planning committee, voted against the plans but was shocked that Tories on the planning Committee once again used this is an opportunity to push the discredited plans to destroy Lodge Hill.

Speaking of the decision, Mark Reckless said:

“I was delighted to hear the news that the council had accepted the arguments which I and many local residents had submitted against these plans. UKIP is the only party standing up for local residents and opposing large-scale development of our Hoo Peninsula. I will continue to put people before politics, and fight to protect our villages and communities on the Hoo Peninsula.”

We can do better politics

Speaking on Sky News, Mark highlights UKIP as the party of REAL change.

Let’s Get Strood Moving


Mark Reckless, MP for Rochester and Strood, has launched a consultation on his proposals to improve traffic flow to and through Strood town centre.

Local residents in Strood and Rochester have been plagued for years by poor traffic flow through this key part of Medway.

Mark Reckless is consulting residents on the following proposals:

  1. Introducing traffic lights at Darnley Arch roundabout;
  2. Changes to Commercial Road between B&Q and McDonalds;
  3. Creating a new one way Strood-bound road from Rochester Bridge through to Strood Retail Park and Knights Road; and
  4. Improvements to the Medway City Estate exit.

Mark Reckless MP said:

“I have received numerous complaints from residents about traffic problems in Strood, and it is becoming noticeably worse with many drivers sitting in gridlocked traffic. Traffic congestion is a threat to businesses and future investment in our towns, and has a direct impact on the quality of life for local residents.

Councillors on Medway Council’s planning committee recently approved plans which will see the existing slip road into Strood Retail Park, despite my objections, removed, which is only likely to exacerbate the situation.

We now need urgent action to get Strood moving. Over the coming weeks I will be consulting residents in Strood and Rochester on a number of proposals aimed at easing congestion and cutting journey times to and through Strood.

I would urge all residents and people who travel through Strood to take part in my consultation to ensure we have a road system in Strood which works for and not against local residents and businesses.”

Have Your Say

Please complete the web form below to have your say on which of the following ideas you support:


1: Introduce traffic lights at Darnley Arch roundabout. Rush hour queues to the A228 roundabout at its junction with Darnley and Northcote Roads are unacceptably long. Following works at Darnley Arch, the next step could be to replace the current roundabout with a crossroads junction controlled by traffic lights to improve traffic flow.

2: Changes to Commercial Road between B&Q and McDonalds. Traffic currently flows poorly where two separate lanes of traffic enter Commercial Road opposite B&Q. One lane, which is London or Cuxton bound from Rochester, meets one turning right from Strood High Street. Traffic need not merge at that point, as Commercial Road has two lanes, but vehicles often stop as it they need to merge. This worsens Rochester bound queues that can stretch back up the A2 in Strood beyond the 30mph signs and Woodstock/Castle View Roads junctions. Changes could also cut queues in Rochester on the A2 and Esplanade.

A physical lane divider as vehicles enter Commercial Road could therefore improve traffic flow. Better road marking to show that both A2 and A228 traffic can then use the left lane could also help, as could extending the third filter lane for A228 traffic turning left. However, these changes could probably only be implemented if we were to remove one of the three pedestrian crossings we currently have on this 200 yard stretch of road.

3: New one way Strood-bound road from bridge to B&Q and Morrisons car parks. There are almost constant delays on the A2 from Rochester bridge through to Knight Road. One way to relieve those delays would be to divert traffic heading to the Retail Park or to Morrisons onto the left filter road previously used to access the now demolished Strood Civic Centre. That road could potentially be extended around the current car park there, through the railway arch, and onto the road that runs between the Strood Retail Park and Morrisons car parks. We could then install traffic lights to improve traffic flow where that new one-way new road met Knight Road.

4: Medway City Estate exit improvements. In the near term a third lane exiting Medway City Estate, along with traffic lights some distance back on the Gillingham side of the tunnel to ensure gaps in traffic, should help reduce afternoon queues to leave the estate. Senior council officers also now appear to have agreed the proposal by Mark Reckless to build a new third lane for Strood-bound traffic from the Estate up to the Sans Pareil roundabout. We may not then need to open the Canal Road exit to vehicles other than buses.